A blast from the past! From my favorite The Daily Sun Top Newspaper Award in Georgia

My front page piece on: ‘Emergency Mothers’ Help Scared Children By Shanna Family Editor

Who can a lost, frightened or sick child turn to on his way to or from school?

If the Pilot Club of Houston County has its way, there will soon be mothers on each block around local elementary schools to give comfort to any bewildered youngster.

The club last night kicked off a new “Emergency Mothers Project,” designed to provide a safe place school children can go to in time of need.

Large signs with the letter “E” in red will be placed in windows of homes when mothers will be home during school hours.

The volunteer mothers will be screened thoroughly by the principals of Parkwood and Shirley Hills elementary schools, where the project will begin, it was revealed.

Janice Ten Hoor, chairman of the club’s education international relations, said, “A sign will be placed one per city block, and volunteers are needed.”

Mrs. Ten Hoor said the club got the idea of the Emergency Mothers project from a similar program in Arizona called “Helping Hand.”

She explained children at the schools will be told they can receive help at any of the homes marked by the big, red letter “E.”

If a child is lost or frightened, or being followed or bothered by someone, the youngster can find safety in a home designated by the letter, according to Mrs. Ten Hoor.

“What we want to do is help make the streets safe for all our children,” she said.

The Pilot Club hopes the idea will spread to include all elementary schools in the area and plans to make Emergency Mothers a permanent club project if support is received.

Members were told last night that the idea has received enthusiastic support from the schools and the police department.

To help support the Emergency Mothers project, Warner Robins Chief W.H. “Pip” Rape and Lt. Hubert West, community relations officer, spoke to the group last night.

“There are not enough men on the police force to make all out streets totally safe for youth. We must all work together to support this project,” Chief Rape said.

“We are proud to support such a project, and as long as I am police chief, you will be protected,” he added.

Rape also said broken homes add to the development of many delinquents. “Parents must take the responsibility for their children, and children must have respect for their elders,” the veteran police chief said.

Lt. West said the police department is understaffed but commented on the good relations and cooperation with the Houston County Sheriff’s Department.

Planning for the project began this summer and is now officially started. This program will run throughout the school year.

The Pilot Club of Houston County is made up of select businesswomen such as lawyers, nurses and teachers who give their services to worthy needs.

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