When things aren’t quite right, local bakery can help!

It strikes with little warning and affects your entire day.

Let me repeat: Your day can be lost if this happens to you:

1. At 6 a.m… you hear the garbage truck and remember once again no one took it outside.
2. The hairbrush you couldn’t find the night before, mysteriously appears under your foot, first thing when you get out of bed.
3. At the breakfast table your little league guy reminds you of the camp out and that you had been elected to go from house to house to pick up 22 checks, since no one got them on time to rent the park.
4. It’s your turn to ask (beg) your office co-workers to donate to the money pool for the new Mommie-to-be. As you approach her you look her right in the eye and say how good she looks pregnant. She looks you right back in the eye and tells you she is not pregnant. Suzy down the hall is…

Right now, your left eye is rolling around in your head, independently of your right one.
What can you do?

Well, how does cinnamon bread, a caramel twist, or a chocolate biscotti sound. It is the only thing that will help in this day of need.

No time to cook? Need it now? Then don’t walk run to Rettig Farms Bakery located right here in our own neighborhood.

“We have something that is exclusive to our bakery,” says Barbara Beden-Hill, the proprietor of Rettig Farms Bakery.
“We have the original recipe for cinnamon bread directly from Arthur’s Bakery.”

Located for 37 years in Bellevue the bakery was famous for the cinnamon bread and caramel twists.

Excitedly, Beden-Hill explained how they not only have the bread recipe, but also Arthur’s bread pans.

Only a baker knows that having a bread pan that fits the recipe is premium that way there is no adjusting of a recipe due to the limitations of the bread pan.

Tony, Beden-Hill’s husband and co-owner and Chef at the former Trudeau’s of Kirkland explained that another exclusive treat comes from his very own Italian great-grandmother- twice-baked biscotti.

He enjoyed creating delightful variations from her original recipe by introducing seven new types of biscotti.

Cranberry/Macadamia/Lemon/Pistachio/Chocolate/Almond and Anise.

A loaf of bread prepared by hand tastes soooo good and is so little trouble to turn your upside down day to right side up goodness!!