Food columnist anxious to share ‘pleasures of the table’

Back before microwaves and MTV (remember records?) there was a newlywed who thought she knew the whole kit and kaboodle of life.

She lived in Georgia surrounded by strange places and new faces.

Her new job at the local daily paper was to write obituaries, weather and TV highlights.

When the Family page editor’s pregnancy left an opening, she found herself writing a daily food column, which she crowned “Overdone and Undercooked” the title coming from her unique newlywed cooking skills.

Back before yuppies (where did earth shoes and psychedelic painted vans go?)  There was a married woman motivated by the curriculum of her new college town, she surrounded herself in exams, parties, philosophy, parties and midnight snacks.

The local paper was thrilled to run the new “Overdone and Undercooked” that had recipes for beer bread and advice on how to feed a crowd of 50.

That is when she ran into an incredible phenomenon – sell all your worldly possessions and travel till your money runs out.

Back before “state of the art” and “Let’s do lunch” there was a wife who ate her way through Mexico, half the U.S. states and 17 European countries.

By Venice when the gondola started to tip precariously and all the swimwear had shrunk in Mexico she returned home and ventured that wearing all the culinary classics on one’s hips would never start a new trend.

But it did turn “Overdone and Undercooked” into a gastronomical gourmet event and she became addicted to eating and showed no signs of breaking the habit.

After a decade of marriage, she was used to him being messy and he was used to her being chunky.  Next came pregnancy and motherhood. Before motherhood she had told her best friend that the friend was raising her three sons all wrong.

She would never ever feed her kids Lucky Charms, or give ‘em a nuki (pacifier) use plastic diapers or forget to pick them up at school. Now tears welled in her eyes as the new mom fell to her knees and grabbed her best friend by her ankles, begging for forgiveness.

Back before rural towns became cities she was still living in her bathrobe, no makeup and picking up last year’s tinsel, when something life-changing happened.

The door slammed.  It was at 8 a.m. Silence. Her twins started grade school.

“Now,” her husband patted her shoulder, “You can come work with me.”

So for the first time in six years, she grew fingernails, shaved her legs and finished a complete sentence uninterrupted. The first client that was rude, she told them she was going to count to three.

Back before her town had a freeway tunnel the wife/mom/head chef/bottle washer saw her babies had turned into a pre-adolescent with a very busy social life and a request-that Mom’s name not appear on any more volunteer lists. As she watched her children learn basketball and the tuba, she realizes that they were happy healthy children and it was time…

She went to her closet and pulled out the special trunk and in there she dusted off her old friend. She realized that she knew squat about the kit and kaboodle of life, but she had become a better cook!

And she had something she hadn’t had in a while-time. And tremendous energy and enthusiasm for a desire to share with the world the joys and enjoyment of the pleasure of the table.

“Overdone and Undercooked” is a joy to share with you, my new friends.

Together, we will consume enormous quantities of home-cooked goods and pitchers of delicious drinks.

We shall start this new adventure, this rebirth together with the most appropriate recipe –infant food.

The woman of today is an intelligent customer.  She is concerned with value and nutrition and many have shunned the preservative ingredients of canned baby food.

That’s why I always enjoyed easy to make and serve Food Cubes.  Don’t laugh!  These are the best way to help your baby have fresh food.  Warmly heat and eat.  All you need is a blender.

Try this excellent recipe today:


1 cup cooked poultry, meat, organ meat or fish

2/3 cup vegetables or fruit, raw or cooked

½ cup cooked rice, noodles or cereal

One cup (or less) liquid cooking water from vegetables or fruit juice.

Place liquid in blender.  Add other ingredients. Puree to desired consistency freeze in ice cube trays at once. Can be kept frozen for 1-4 months equals three cups, 16 food cubes or 4-5 meals.

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